Gauquelin5 usage

Start using Gauquelin5 software.
To check that the program works, type :
php run-g5.php
A message saying that you must provide supplementary arguments is displayed.
WRONG USAGE - run-g5.php needs at least 3 arguments
Usage : 
    php run-g5.php    [optional arguments]
Example :
    php run-g5.php gauq A2 raw2tmp
Possible values for argument1 : acts, cfepp, cpara, csicop, db, eminence, ertel, gauq, muller, wd
run-g5.php is only able to execute commands. The first arguments (minimum 3) permit to specify the command which will be executed.
Commands are located in src/commands. A command is a class with a method execute().
Remaining arguments are passed when needed to the command's execute() method.

Each time an incomplete list of arguments is given to the program, it prints the general error message and prints the possible values for the next missing argument.

Example 1
php run-g5.php gauq
WRONG USAGE - need at least 3 arguments
... (general message) ...

Possible argument2 for argument1 = gauq : all, look, A, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, D6, D10, E1, E3
Example 2
php run-g5.php gauq A3
WRONG USAGE - need at least 3 arguments
... (general message) ...

Possible argument3 for gauq / A3 : build, export, look, raw2tmp, tmp2db, tweak2tmp
Example 3
php run-g5.php gauq A3 raw2tmp
This does a real transformation (converts A3 raw html file to a csv file in data/tmp/gauq/lerrcp).

Complete generation of the database

As described in the page about g5 organisation, the program first converts raw data to temporary data, and then imports temporary files in a database.
The different steps must be executed in a precise order, because some steps need the result of previous executions to work.

The order of execution is given by the code of class g5\commands\db\init\all

The code of this class is the only reliable reference documenting the complete build process.
php run-g5.php db init all
Possible values for parameter :
    tmp : Builds tmp files in data/tmp
    db : Fills database with tmp files
    stats : Computes DB statistics
    wiki : Adds with wiki data to the database
    search : Fills table for search
    export : Exports the groups in zipped csv files
    all : Executes all steps
    dev : Executes steps db, stats, wiki, search
If 'db' or 'all' are choosen, it also drops existing tables and creates empty ones.

Then the following command builds the database from scratch :
php run-g5.php db init all all