Suitbert Ertel

Suitbert Ertel (1932 - 2017) was not a data collector, but he assembled Gauquelin and skeptic data to re-analyze them using eminence grading based on citation count.

His analysis of 4391 soprtsmen (in fact 4384) concerns most data involved in the "mars effect" polemic.
This work could be integrated in g5 database thanks to a file published on

He is also reported to have published other articles based on historical data:
  • 1987 Eminence effect on painters and musicians
  • 1993 Eminence grading on actors, athletes, musicians, scientists
The data relative to these works couldn't be found so far.

Ertel unique id

Permits to identify a person published by Suitbert Ertel in g5 database.
Noted ERID in output csv files.
The Ertel unique id is built concatenating
  • the letter "E",
  • a code to identify Ertel's dataset:
    • S: sportsmen - the only code used so far.
  • an hyphen (-)
  • the value of its identifier within this dataset.

Ex: Aaron Henry Louis (1934-02-05) is NR = 1 in Ertel sportsmen file has Ertel id = ES-1.

Ertel unique id is one of the partial ids defined in g5 database. See complete list of partial ids.