Comité Para 1976
535 Sportsmen

This is the first test done by a Belgian group of skeptics, the "Comité belge pour l'Analyse Critique des parasciences", abreviated "Comité Para". It concerns a group of 535 athletes, published in 1976.

Information sources

The results of this test was published in the review of the comitee, "Nouvelles Brèves" nb 43 (septembre 1976), in an article called "Considérations critiques sur une recherche faite par M.M. GAUQUELIN, dans le domaine des influences planétaires". An electronic copy of this article can be obtained by contacting the comitee from their web site

This article does not contain the list of athletes retained for the test. No official list was published. This test could be included in g5 thanks to Ertel's file of 4391 athletes, which contains a Comité Para id.

Comité Para unique id

An id, stored in column CPID of generated files, is assigned to each Comité Para record.
This id is composed by
  • The string CP-
  • followed by the value of column PARA_NR in Ertel's file of 4391 athletes.
    • Records from 1 to 535 correspond to the list published in the official Comité Para test.
      Example: CP-13
    • Records from "* 1" to "* 76" correspond to records unpublished by Gauquelin.
      Example: CP-*23
Comité Para unique id is one of the partial ids defined in g5 database. See complete list of partial ids.