234 famous women
(Arno Müller vol. 3)

This list was elaborated by Arno Müller and Edith Lührs, and self-published by Arno Müller in Astro-Forschungs-Daten (AFD) volume 3 (1993).
Importation process showed that 44 records are already present in Gauquelin data, this file then brings 190 new birth times.


Publication of this list is possible thanks to Nick Kollerstrom, who scanned the original booklet.
These scans can be downloaded from github.com/tig12/g5-aux/tree/main/1993-muller3-women.

These scans were OCRed (transformed to text), tabulated and corrected.
The resulting list is versioned with g5, in data/raw/muller/3-women.
This list is used as input by g5 program.

g5 integration

Still incomplete
php run-g5.php muller m3women raw2tmp



The meaning of the fields can be understood thanks to explanations given by Müller in his booklet.

Check data source

2 fields are related to the origin of the data, called SOURCE and GQ in the input file.
  • GQ can take 2 values :
    • G : present in Gauquelin data
    • N : not present in Gauquelin data
  • SOURCE is composed of 2 letters.
    First letter is the "primary source" and can take these values :
    • S : Registry office
    • F : Family record
    • M : Subjects statements
    Second letter is "secondary source" and can take these values :
    • E : Own inquiry
    • B : Biography or other non-astrological publication
    • A : Astrological publication
    • G : Gauquelin data

These 2 fields are analyzed with the command
php run-g5.php muller m3women look source
Primary source:
  S: 233
  F: 1
  M: 0
Secondary source:
  E: 161
  B: 2
  A: 24
  G: 47
6 strange lines: secondary source contains 'G' but not marked 'G'
  SG N 024 SOUBIROUS Bernadette	1844-01-07 14:00 WA 
  SG N 091 GUILBERT Yvette      1866-01-22 03:00 AR 
  SG N 124 LAURENCIN Marie      1883-10-31 09:00 AR 
  SG N 154 MICHEL Louise        1830-05-29 17:00 WA 
  SG N 169 NIN Anais            1903-02-21 20:25 AR 
  SG N 181 ROCHEFORT Christiane	1917-07-17 08:00 AR 
43 lines marked 'G'
191 lines not marked 'G'
The file contains 43 persons from Gauquelin database, à priori brings 191 new records.
6 records must be checked : Müller indicates that the "secondary source of birth record" is Gauquelin, but the record is marked as not present in Gauquelin data.

Match Gauquelin data

The command
php run-g5.php muller m3women look gauquelin
is used to generate a table of correspondance between Müller and Gauquelin data.
Birth day is used to match the records.
This command was issued several times to fix manually the ambiguous cases.
This verification process showed that one birth date is wrong in Müller's file (record 177, RACHILDE *EYMERY Marguerite Vallette).
A verification at online civil registry showed that Gauquelin date was correct.
44 records are found to match Gauquelin, so this file should bring 234 - 44 = 190 new records.
The correspondance table is stored in constant GQ_MATCH of class g5\commands\muller\m3women\M3women.