Step tweak2tmp

Some errors are better fixed by human edition. This happens for particular cases that can't be fixed by program, or when it's faster to edit a fix than write a program.
To handle such cases, YAML files were written in sub-directories of data/build/. These files are processed by step tweak2tmp.
These YAML files are versioned with the program.
This step must be executed at an early stage.
For example, for serie A, if a date or a time is modified in data/build/cura-tweak/, the step tweak2tmp must be executed before step legalTime.
So this step is always executed just after step raw2tmp.


Extract of data/build/cura-tweak/A1.csv
  NUM: 112
  FNAME: Lurani Cernuschi
  GNAME: Giovanni
  NUM: 197
  FNAME: Marin la Meslée
  GNAME: Edmond
The tweaks are applied to temporary files, and the format of a temporary file depend on the related raw file.
So the precise vocabulary of each YAML file containing tweaks depend on the field names used in the related temporary file, and specific code is needed.

For all tweak files, one field, build-notes is not processed and can be used to add free notes justifying the tweak.