Gauquelin 1955

This page deals with the groups published in Michel Gauquelin's book "Les hommes et les astres", published in 1955. For each groups, the purpose is to generate two lists :
  • One original list, conform with the list published by Gauquelin.
  • One corrected list.
Related files are located in data/build/cura-marked, data/build/g55-edited, and downloadable results.
Gauquelin 1955 groups are not yet included in g5 database.

Original groups

Here are the groups, listed in the order they appear in the paper edition of the book.
OriginCodeNN CuraTitleg5 integrationComments
A2 576MED 570 576 membres associés
et correspondants
de l'académie de médecine
marked Other restoration done by
A2 508MED 505 508 autres médecins notables marked
A1 570SPO 568 564 570 sportifs OK
tests needed
Contains 568 records
4 records not present in A1
Ertel and Nienhuys say that Gauquelin removed 1 record.
=> N = 567 ?
Other restoration done by
A3 676MIL 676 militaires
A4 906PEI 906 peintres
361PEI 0 361 peintres mineurs Scans available
A5 500ACT 500 acteurs
A5 494DEP 494 députés
A2 349SCI 277 349 membres, associés
et correspondants
de l'académie des sciences
884PRE 0 884 prêtres Scans available.
  • Code used in Gauquelin5 program ; based on the original title.
  • N : Number of records found in 1955 paper book ; may be different from the number appearing in the title.
  • N Cura : Number of records found in Cura files (serie A).
    The only reliable value is 564 for 570SPO, other are bound to be corrected.
  • Title : Original name by Gauquelin.