Gauquelin 1955

Gauquelin 1955 restoration is a work in progress.
Documentation of a previous attempt (now obsolete) is documented here.
This page deals with data listed in Michel Gauquelin's book "Les hommes et les astres", published in 1955.
Gauquelin announces 5 756 persons (p 244 of the book).
Most data of the 1955 book (but not all) were included in the booklets of serie A, published in 1970-71 by the LERRCP.
Integration of these groups was done from scan and OCR of the original paper book.

Original groups

Here are the groups, listed in the order they appear in the book.
  • G5 code : Code used in Gauquelin5 program.
  • NG5 : Number of records found by g5 program ; may be different from the number appearing in the title.
  • Title : Original name by Gauquelin.
G5 codeNG5TitleComments
A2 01-576-physicians 576 membres associés
et correspondants
de l'académie de médecine
Other restoration done by
A2 02-508-physicians 508 autres médecins notables
A1 03-570-sportsmen 568 570 sportifs Contains 568 records
4 records not present in A1
Ertel and Nienhuys say that Gauquelin removed 1 record.
=> N = 567 ?
Other restoration done by
A3 04-676-military 676 militaires
A4 05-906-painters 906 peintres
None 06-361-minor-painters 362 361 peintres mineurs See page 361 minor painters
A5 07-500-actors 500 acteurs
A5 08-494-deputies 494 députés
A2 09-349-scientists 349 membres, associés
et correspondants
de l'académie des sciences
None 10-884-priests 882 884 prêtres See page 884 priests.

Restoration steps

For each group of the original book, the raw file is formatted and converted to a temporary csv file:
php run-g5.php gauq g55 raw2tmp 03-570-sportsmen
The file is then matched to the persons already stored in database. This adds column GQID to the csv file. Constant MATCH_LERRCP of class G55 is used to fix the ambiguous cases.
php run-g5.php gauq g55 gqid update 03-570-sportsmen
This modified version of the csv file is then used to update the database:
php run-g5.php gauq g55 tmp2db 03-570-sportsmen

This must be done for all Gauquelin 1955 groups :
Other commands can be issued to help the build process (gqid cache and gqid check). For details, type :
php run-g5.php gauq g55 gqid